Russian education and culture in independent Latvia, 1918-1940

Rezekne town. Russian Secondary School
The backside of the postcard shown above. The text mentions Russian Culture Day (the fact that in 1932, it does not take place in Rezhitsa/Rezekne town)
A ticket from a guest show of the [Riga] Russian Drama theater in Jelgava, 1930
Lottery ticket, Daugavpils (Dvinsk) State Russian Gymnasium, 1930, Russian-language side
Lottery ticket, Daugavpils State Russian Gymnasium, 1930, Latvian-language side
A certificate signed by the headmaster of the Riga city Russian [primary] school No. 9, stamped with a school stamp, 1925
Riga city 12th Russian basic school, pupil’s ID, 1937
Trilingual season tickets for trams. 1932/1933 academic year, pupils of a private Russian school
Cover of an alphabet book for initial learning, published by Old Believers’ community in Riga, 1938

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For a Latvian-Polish bilingual school document from 1934, see

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