Russian language in Livonia, Courland, Vitebsk Governorates, pre-independence

Real school in Walk (Valka)
Superior primary school in Walk (Valka)
Riga Russian Theater (est. 1883, postcard from 1916), the place of proclamation of Latvia’s independence in 1918, currently Latvian National Тheater
A 2007 photo of the current building of the
Riga Russian Theater. Initially it was the building of Russian NGO “Uley” (Beehive), and signs of this are seen over the windows
Riga, Lomonosov Gymnasium
Riga tram. Postcard from the early 20th century
School leaving certificate, Riga, 1898, cover
School leaving certificate, Riga, 1898, content
School grade certificate, Riga, 1900
Postcard from German-occupied Dvinsk (Двинск, Daugavpils, Duenaburg), 1918
Dvinsk, Real School, around 1910
Dvinsk, around 1900
Postcard of a Dvinsk merchant, 1914, cover
Postcard of a Dvinsk merchant, 1914, content
Liepāja (DE Libau, RU Либава)
Liepāja (DE Libau, RU Либава)
Ventspils (RU Виндава, DE Windau), before 1910
Riga, crossing of Terbatas (DE Dorpater RU Дерптская) and Dzirnavu (RU Мельничная ) streets. The inscription, in old-fashioned Russian and German, reads: “Riga Commercial Society of Mutual Credit”. Photo of 2020.
“State Fiscal Office” – an inscription inside the Riga Castle, former residence of the governor of Livland. Photo of 2019
Leutner Bicycle Factory advertisement, Brīvības Str. 137 (formerly Aleksandrovskaya Str.). Photo of 2020

A collection of photos from pre-independence Walk/Valka town

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