Multilingual signage in the territory of modern Latvia, pre-independence

Marienburg (now Aluksne)
Wolmar (Valmiera)
Walk (Valka), 1918
Advertisement in Old Riga, before 1913
An old bilingual Russian/Latvian inscription on Petersalas Str. 7, Riga. Photo of 2020
From the National Geographic, October 1924.
Article titled “Latvia, Home of the Letts”

Publisher’s note: “The names of the streets were therefore inscribed in all three languages, but now they are only written in Lettish or Estonian, as if none but Letts or Ests were living in the country!” Heyking, Alfons. The main issues confronting the minorities of Latvia and Eesti. London: P. S. King , 1922, page 22.

Addendum: a gallery showing the painting over Russian inscriptions with streetnames in Riga, conducted in the 1990s

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