“Non-citizenship” of Latvia in images&infographics

passport of a "non-citizen" of Latvia
Passport of a “non-citizen”, issued by Latvia, page 1
An artistic impression of a passport of a “non-citizen”. Courtesy of Vitaly Drobot, 2011-2012
13 % (rounded) is the percentage of voteless “non-citizens” among voting-age population of Latvia, as at 2018. Source: Population Register. See (in Latvian): https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/lv/assets/documents/1aaaa/ISVG_Latvija_pec_DZGada_VPD.pdf
43 % (rounded) is the percentage of people born in Latvia among “non-citizens”, as at 2016. Source: Ministry of the Interior. See page 63 at https://rm.coe.int/CoERMPublicCommonSearchServices/DisplayDCTMContent?documentId=09000016806c72e5

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