CEDAW concluding comments on Latvia (excerpt), 2004

73.The Committee is concerned about the fact that insufficient information was provided on the situation of minority women, particularly from the Russian-speaking minority, and on that of older women.

74. The Committee calls upon the State party to provide, in its next periodic report, a comprehensive picture of the situation of minority women, including data disaggregated by sex and nationality, in the areas of health, education and employment and citizenship. It also requests comprehensive information on older women’s health and economic situation.

Document data: the comments can be found in the Committee’s report A/59/38(SUPP). Latvia’s report was considered in July 2004. Link: http://undocs.org/en/A/59/38(SUPP) (also available in Russian at http://undocs.org/ru/A/59/38(SUPP) )

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