CEACR Direct Request to Latvia under ILO Convention No. 111 (excerpt), 2010

Equality of opportunity and treatment irrespective of race, colour, national extraction or social origin. The Committee notes the initiatives taken under the national programme “Gypsies (Roma) in Latvia” 2007–09. It particularly notes the training of Roma as teachers’ assistants to improve their employment level, and to ensure a better understanding of the issues relating to education and social inclusion of Roma children. Regarding minority groups other than the Roma, the Committee notes the activities implemented in the context of the “National Programme for the Promotion of Tolerance 2005–09”, the “Integration of New Members of the Society” project, and the establishment of the National Integration Centre, which provides training seminars and courses aimed at improving qualifications. The Committee asks the Government to provide information on the impact of the measures undertaken to promote equality of opportunity and treatment in education, training, employment and occupation for minority groups, including the Roma. Please continue to provide information on any other programmes or measures taken or envisaged to promote equality of opportunity and treatment in employment and occupation in respect of minority groups.

Document data: adopted 2010, published 2011. Link: http://www.ilo.org/dyn/normlex/en/f?p=1000:13100:0::NO:13100:P13100_COMMENT_ID:2326153

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