Recommendations by Russia to Latvia: UPR 1st round, 2011

Accepted by Latvia – 92.10. Codify the prohibition of the propaganda for xenophobia, anti- Semitism, neo-Nazism, and provide for criminal liability for such acts and establish racism as an aggravating circumstance (Russian Federation);

Accepted by Latvia – 92.15. Maintain State preschool and general education institutions with education/teaching in minority languages, including the Russian language (Russian Federation);

Rejected by Latvia  – 93.39. Recognize and ensure in the legislation the right of national minorities to receive information in the State and municipal sectors in their national/mother language in the places of their compact residence (Russian Federation);

Rejected by Latvia – 93.40. In accordance with the recommendations of international human rights institutions, grant to non-citizens, without delay, the right to participate in the political life of the country, including in municipal elections, and the opportunity to enjoy all economic, social and cultural rights (Russian Federation);

Rejected by Latvia – 94.6. Adopt effective steps to promptly eliminate an unacceptable system of non-citizenship. As a priority and urgent step, simplify the naturalization process for persons who have reached retirement age, as well as grant children of non-citizens the right to automatically acquire citizenship at birth (Russian Federation);

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