CAT Concluding observations on Latvia (excerpts), 2013

Non-citizen residents
16. While welcoming the significant reduction in the number of so-called “non-citizen residents” from 29 per cent in 1995 to 13 per cent at present and the amendments to the Citizenship Law introduced in May 2013 allowing for a simplified naturalization procedure, the Committee is concerned at the large number of non-citizens residing permanently in the State party (arts. 2 and 16).

The State party should:
(a) Invite non-citizen residents to avail themselves of the simplified naturalization procedure in the Citizenship Law, as amended in May 2013, and facilitate the granting of citizenship to and naturalization and integration of noncitizens;
(b) Enhance efforts to raise the awareness of parents whose children are eligible for naturalization and consider granting automatic citizenship at birth, without previous registration by parents, to the children of non-citizen parents who do not acquire any other nationality, with a view to preventing statelessness;
(c) Consider offering language courses free of charge to all non-citizen residents and stateless persons who wish to apply for Latvian citizenship.


Other issues


26. The State party is requested to disseminate widely the report submitted to the Committee and the Committee’s concluding observations in appropriate languages, including Russian, through official websites, the media and non-governmental organizations.

Document data: 15.11.2013, CAT/C/LVA/CO/3-5 Link: (also available in Russian)

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