CEACR Direct Request to Latvia under ILO Convention No. 111 (excerpt), 2014

Equality of opportunity and treatment irrespective of race, colour, national extraction or social origin. Roma. The Committee notes the detailed information provided by the Government concerning the activities and institutions implementing policies for Roma inclusion. The Committee also notes the statistical information provided by the Government on the participation of Roma in training and public employment projects. However, these data do not allow the Committee to assess whether the number of Roma who participate in the training is in proportion to the number of Roma in the total population. The Committee further notes that a survey on “The Situation of Roma in Latvia” with respect to education and employment will be carried out in 2015. The Committee notes that guidelines for a monitoring system have been established as part of the “Different People: Diverse Experience: One Latvia” project, in connection with the Guidelines on National Identity, Civil Society and Integration Policy for 2012–18. The Advisory Council for the Implementation of Roma Integration, which includes representatives from Roma non-governmental organizations, has also proposed recommendations for the national policy on Roma inclusion, which have been examined and assessed by government institutions. The Committee requests the Government to indicate whether the policy on Roma inclusion has finally been adopted and to provide specific information on the impact of the measures taken to promote equality of opportunity and treatment in education, vocational training, employment and occupation for minority groups, including Roma, and the obstacles encountered. In particular, the Committee requests the Government to provide specific information on the results of the survey on “The Situation of Roma in Latvia”, as well as statistical information disaggregated by sex concerning the proportion of Roma in the total population and their participation in employment, sectors of occupation, their participation in education and vocational training and their unemployment rate.

Document data: adopted in 2014, published in 2015. Link: http://www.ilo.org/dyn/normlex/en/f?p=1000:13100:0::NO:13100:P13100_COMMENT_ID:3192115

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