ECSR conlusions on Latvia under Article 17(2) RESC (excerpt), 2015

Article 17 – Right of children and young persons to social, legal and economic protection

Paragraph 2 – Free primary and secondary education – regular attendance at school


The Committee further recalls that under Article 17§2 as regards education of children of Roma origin, even though educational policies for Roma children may be accompanied by flexible structures to meet the diversity of the group and may take into account the fact some groups lead an itinerant or semi-itinerant lifestyle, there should be no separate schools for Roma children. Special measures for Roma children should not involve the establishment of separate schools or classes reserved for this group (Conclusions 2011, Slovak Republic).

The Committee notes from the report in this respect that improvement of the education level of Roma children and expanded possibilities to engage such children in the education process were provided. The teaching guide “Latvian teacher experience of working with Roma children” was published and teachers’ assistants of Roma origin were trained for working in pre-school and general educational institutions. To promote improvement of Roma students’ quality of education, the Ministry of Education and Sciences, in cooperation with the city and regional Education Departments, has carried out the monitoring of situation.

According to the 2011 population census, 6, 489 Roma were registered in Latvia, including 2, 103 children and young people under 19. 6, 515 Roma children were registered in 2012. The number of Roma children integrated into general education in 2010-2011 school year dropped to 1,182 students, but in 2011-2012 school year there was a slight increase up to 1,213 children.

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