Recommendation by Belarus to Latvia: UPR 2nd round, 2016

118.8 Implement provisions of criminal legislation aimed at combating
racially motivated crimes and prosecute those responsible, as well as increase awareness among persons belonging to national minorities about the means available for legal protection from discrimination and hatred (Belarus); [accepted by Latvia]

118.22 Submit its national report to the Committee on the Elimination of
Racial Discrimination, which is overdue since 2007 (Belarus); [accepted by Latvia]

120.80 Take further legal, political and practical measures to reduce the phenomenon of non-citizens (Belarus); [“partially accepted” by Latvia]

Document data: Recommendations expressed 26.01.2016, published in the report A/HRC/32/15 of 14.04.2016. Link: Latvia “partially accepted” the recommendation 120.80, see A/HRC/32/15/Add.1 at Also available in other UN languages

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