Recommendation by Russia to Latvia: UPR 2nd round, 2016

120.59 Prohibit the holding of the annual gathering in March in the centre of Riga in a memory of soldiers who fought in the Latvian legion of the Waffen SS as well as condemn strictly any attempts to glorify the memory of those who fought in the Waffen SS and collaborated with Nazis (Russian Federation); [rejected by Latvia]

120.71 Put an end to cases of politically-motivated persecution of human rights defenders who advocate for the rights of minorities or the closure or suspension of mass media and restrictions on access to various sources of information for the population (Russian Federation); [rejected by Latvia]

120.77 Ensure full realisation of the rights of “non-citizen” residents and of members belonging to linguistic minorities and contribute to their integration in society (Russian Federation); [Partially accepted by Latvia]

120.81 Simplify the process of naturalisation of “non-citizens” living in the
country for decades (Russian Federation); [Accepted, considered already implemented by Latvia]

120.96 Provide “non-citizens” with equal access to employment, education,
health care, and social welfare, as well as take into account their interests in the conclusion of international treaties and agreements (Russian Federation). [Partially accepted by Latvia]

121.2 Review the law on state language, which discriminates against
linguistic minorities in access to the labour market and ensure that appeals
from those who do not master the Latvian language sufficiently are considered by state bodies, through providing them an opportunity to use their mother tongue before state bodies (Russian Federation); [rejected by Latvia]

Document data: Recommendations expressed 26.01.2016, published in the report A/HRC/32/15 of 14.04.2016. Link: Latvia “partially accepted” the recommendation 120.80, see A/HRC/32/15/Add.1 at Also available in other UN languages

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