Constitution Protection Bureau annual public report 2015 (excerpts), 2016



Russian Influence Activities in Information Domain


Defamation and discreditation of Latvia on the international stage also continued with varying intensity. For these purposes Russia employs a set of traditional and worn narratives regarding Latvia’s supposed falsification of history, glorification of Nazism, discrimination of ethnic Russians and Russian speakers in general. These messages are systemically driven by state-controlled media outlets, compatriot groups and various front organisations.

Russian Compatriot Policy


The “Foundation for Support and Protection of Compatriot Rights Residing Abroad” has a particular role in Russia’s compatriot policy in Latvia. The main objective of the foundation is to maintain accusations of discrimination and violation of non-citizens’ and Russian speakers’ rights in Latvia. The foundation has been generous in supporting various “local initiatives”. Such initiatives are intentionally detrimental to Latvia’s integration policy as they attempt to foster and aggravate social, linguistic and ethnic divides. A number of “reviews” conducted under the auspices of the Foundation have been used for foreign policy propaganda purposes by Russia.

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