“Latvia. Information for foreigners” (excerpts), 2017


The official language in the Republic of Latvia is the Latvian language. Every other language used in the Republic of Latvia, except the Liv language, is considered to be a foreign language.

The usage and the protection of the official language is regulated by the Official Language Law.


In early 2017, 1,950,000 residents are living in Latvia.

As at early 2017, according to Central Statistical Board data, the ethnic composition of the population is as follows: 62.02 % Latvians, 25.41 % Russians, 3.3 % Belarusians, 2.24 % Ukrainians, 2.08 % Poles, and 4.95 % other ethnicities.


Employment and Latvian language skills

In Latvia, in most professions one may only work, if the person speaks Latvian at a required level. [..]

Document data: Published by the Latvian Language Agency (under the Ministry of Education and Science) in 2017. ISBN 978-9984-829-51-7 Link: https://valoda.lv/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/latvija_informacija_arzemniekiem_LV.pdf (Latvian)

Publisher’s notes. It’s telling what the full text of the chapter on language (not on languages!), translated here, is. Sometimes, the omissions are notable: in the chapter on history, the Holocaust is not mentioned, while Stalinist deportations are.

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