Schools by language of instruction (excerpt), 2017/2018

Distribution of daytime general education schools by streams, academic year 2017/2018

Planning regionTotalLatvianRussianLatvian / RussianPolishUkrainianBelarusianGerman
Kurzeme region9393
Latgale region1108312141
Riga region1059537
Vidzeme region1171152
Zemgale region88853
Jekabpils city431
Valmiera city972
Daugavpils city183951
Jelgava city12831
Jurmala city161041
Liepaja city161141
Rezekne city105311
Ventspils city9522
Riga city1416753151111
Total in the country74859094544111
2016/2017 ac. year.76360294574111
2015/2016 ac. year7836209460411
2014/2015 ac. year7966279763411
2013/2014 ac. year80763310065411
2012/2013 ac. year8076349965411
2011/2012 ac. year**81464199655**11
2010/2011 ac. year83064610373511
2009/2010 ac. year84664811476511
2008/2009 ac. year94872413581511
2007/2008 ac. year95872214188511
2006/2007 ac. year97472714892411
2005/2006 ac. year98372715297411
2004/2005 ac. year993724155108411
2003/2004 ac. year1009729159115411
2002/2003 ac. year1017720166124511
2001/2000 ac. year1029725175122511
2000/2001 ac. year1037724178128511
1999/2000 ac. year***1057727189133512***
1998/1999 ac. year107472819514551

**including 1 Latvian/Polish school

***including 1 Lithuanian school

Document data: unofficial translation – an excerpt from the Ministy of Education and Science data available in Latvian at (see “pa plusmam”).

The information from the “pa plusmam” part of the file, which is not included in the present translation – six rows with detailed data by districts of Riga city and two columns data on French- (one, in Riga, starting from 2011/2012) and English-language (one in Jurmala since , one in Riga, as at 2017/2018. The first one had appeared in 2005/2006, disappeared in 2007/2008, reappeared in 2008/2009. The second appeared in 2012/2013) schools.

Publisher’s note: 1. While there is one Estonian school and one Lithuanian school in Riga, they aren’t classified as schools having minority education programmes. Riga city education website list them under “Language of instruction: Latvian” 2. Statistics on the number of minority schools in the 1990s (without “dual stream” schools having both Latvian-language and Russian-language classes)

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