Refusal to deprive a politician of order for hate speech, 2017

Chancery of the President of the Republic of Latvia

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October 31, 2017
No. 1782
Re: 18.06.2017 No.

To a member of the board
of the Latvian Human Rights Committee A. Kuzmins
Dzirnavu Str. 102A-15, Riga, LV-1050

On giving an answer

Dear Mr Kuzmins,

I inform you that the Chapter of Orders has considered on October 20, 2017, the application of June 19, 2017, signed by you, N. Jolkina and T. Favorska, where you asked the Chapter of Ordersto consider the issue of revocation of the Order of the Three Stars of a historian, member of the 12th Parliament Edvins Snore, in relation with his statements in “Nacionalas zinas” periodical in May, 2017.

On behalf of the Chapter of Orders, I notify you that the Chapter of Orders has concluded that the statements by Edvins Snore, a person granted the Order of the Three Stars, in “Nacionalas zinas” periodical in May, 2017, are not a ground for revocation of the Order of the Three Stars, in accordance with the order determined by the Law on State Awards, and do not fit the cases when the Chapter of Orders decides on revocing a state award.

Maira Sudrabina
Secretary of the Chapter of Orders

Document data: No. 1782; 31.10.2017. Publisher’s note: Mr Snore, MP, has written many provocative claims in his article in a pre-election newspaper printed in 370,000 copies. The most infamous is: “As Alfreds Berzins, a Minister of Public Affairs, once said, if you once put Russian louse on a fur coat, it will be difficult to get it out. Indeed, we see that Russian-speaking immigrants of the USSR period, although permanently spewing hatred to Latvia, do not go away. At least, not to the extent that ethnic Latvians would like it. The process is the opposite. More and more new Russians are flocking to Latvia”. The Security Police refused to initiate a criminal case; the parliamentary ethics commission imposed the mildest possible punishment on Snore – an oral warning. The case has attracted international attention, including in the third opinion of the FCNM Advisory Committee on Latvia and in the ECRI fifth report on Latvia.

Latvian original text of the article available at: See also below.

“The aim: a Latvian Latvia” by Edvins Snore, MP.

See below the Latvian original of the Chancery’s letter, in Latvian

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