“Russian movies as target of language inquisition in Latvia”, summary and disproof, 2019


Russian movies have become the target of ‘language inquisition’ in Latvia.

The movie theatre in Daugavpils was charged for showing movies in Russian language.


According to the Latvian law, movies can be shown in the original language, but have to be subtitled or dubbed in Latvian. In practice, if the movie theatres can provide parallel movie séances, then the movies can also be shown in original language without subtitling or dubbing or can be shown with dubbing or subtitling in other languages. This is the case in other movie theatres that show, for example, Hollywood produced animations for kids, in parallel with movie séances dubbed in Latvian and in Russian.

The movie theatre in Daugavpils was charged neither for showing Russian movies nor for showing movies in Russian language, but for not providing the same movie dubbed or even subtitled in Latvian.

Document data: The Disinformation Review No. 134, 23.01.2019. Reference is being made to an article at the Russia-owned Baltnews website. Link: https://euvsdisinfo.eu/report/language-police-in-latvia-is-fighting-the-russian-language/ Notably the East StratCom Task Force, while belonging to the EU European External Action Service, makes a disclaimer that its publication does not represent an official EU position.

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