Draft amendment to the General Education Law, 2020

To supplement Section 21 of the law with a new Paragraph 2 reading as follows (the existing text of the Section being considered to be Paragraph 1):

(2) A municipality has a duty to ensure acquisition of pre-school
education programmes in the official language in all the pre-school
educational institutions subordinated thereto.

Document data: The text given is the unofficial translation of the one approved by the parliamentary education commission in January 2020, in advance of the 2nd reading of the bill in the plenary. Latvian original text: (2) Pašvaldības pienākums ir nodrošināt pirmsskolas izglītības programmu apguvi valsts valodā visās tās padotībā esošajās pirmsskolas izglītības iestādēs. Link: https://titania.saeima.lv/LIVS13/saeimalivs13.nsf/0/AEA53F00545DBC27C22584F70047D11B?OpenDocument

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