Links to English-language studies & policy documents

Vladimir BUZAYEV Legal and social situation of the Russian-speaking minority in Latvia. Riga: Averti-R, 2014 (also available, in a different version, in French and Russian)

Roma in Latvia. Research report 2015 – Society Integration Foundation –

Language situation in Latvia: 2010–2015 A sociolinguistic study. Scientific Editor: L. Lauze. Editor-in-Chief: G. Kļava. Rīga: LVA, 2017. 272 pgs. (also available, in print version, in Latvian)

Guidelines on National Identity, Civil Society and Integration Policy (2012-2018). Cabinet of Ministers. (also available in Latvian and Russian)

Poleshchuk, Vadim (ed.). Chance to Survive. Minority Rights in Estonia and Latvia Moscow, Paris: Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, Foundation for Historical Outlook and Legal Information Centre for Human Rights. ISBN 978-9949-18-818-5 (also available in Russian)

The Latvian language, Languages in Latvia. State Language Commission, 2003 (also available, in a different version, in various languages)

EUI reports on citizenship, naturalisation and electoral rights in Latvia

Latvia’s report on online multilingualism (2006 or 2007)

Attitude of the Russian-speaking population of Latvia towards European values and various political and social issues. Survey results (July-August 2020, 1100 respondents, ages 18-75. Conducted by SKDS, ordered by, sponsored by NL and SE embassies)

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