HCNM statement to the 1318th Meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council (excerpt), 2021

I recently started a series of introductory meetings with the Latvian authorities. I am also planning to organize meetings with minority representatives in the near future. I had the opportunity to discuss issues related to the status of non-citizens and the naturalization process with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. While I commend Latvia for streamlining procedures and easing certain naturalization requirements, and thereby reducing the number of non-citizens in recent years, I also expressed openness to share recommendation on how to further expedite the process. I discussed the implementation of the current education reform and recent decisions pertaining to higher and preschool education with the Minister of Education and Science, and recommended that there remains space for pupils of a minority background to continue learning in their mother tongue. It is also important to continue the ongoing consultations with the representatives of national minorities while implementing education reforms.

03.06.2021 HCNM.GAL/3/21/Rev.1 Link: https://www.osce.org/files/f/documents/a/4/489767_0.pdf

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