CESCR Concluding Observations on Latvia (excerpts), 2021

C. Principal subjects of concern and recommendations Roma 14. While noting the State party’s efforts to facilitate access by the Roma to economic, social and cultural rights, the Committee is concerned that members of the Roma community continue to face stigmatization, and widespread discrimination, especially in access to public services (art. 2(2)). 15. The Committee … Continue reading "CESCR Concluding Observations on Latvia (excerpts), 2021"

Press release on a meeting with Latvian ambassador (excerpt), 2021

In the conversation, Ribeiro referred to the developments in December 2020 when Latvian journalists and publicists, reportedly collaborating with the online websites Baltnews and Sputnik (founded and/or owned by Rossiya Segodnya, the Russian state-run news company), were obstructed in their work by the State Security Service of Latvia who searched their apartments and briefly detained them. The two also … Continue reading "Press release on a meeting with Latvian ambassador (excerpt), 2021"

Links to minority NGOs and QUANGOs in Latvia

Umbrella NGOs: Council of Latvia’s NGOs (critical of the government) Latvian Association of Ethnic Culture Societies (government-funded) Russian/Old Believer minority: Culture Development Foundation (organisers of the annual Russian Culture Days) Russian Society in Latvia (Orthodox) Arkona (education; inactive) Russian Culture Centre (Daugavpils city municipality) Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers Sororitas Tatiana (corporation) Fraternitas … Continue reading "Links to minority NGOs and QUANGOs in Latvia"

Links on language-related documents and statistics

Language and demographics Central Statistical Bureau. 2011 census results on languages https://www.csb.gov.lv/en/statistics/statistics-by-theme/population/census/search-in-theme/1442-home-latvian-spoken-62-latvian-population (press release); https://www.csb.gov.lv/en/statistics/statistics-by-theme/population/census/tables/tsg11-08/resident-population-latvia-main-language-spoken-home (tables); https://www.csb.gov.lv/en/statistics/statistics-by-theme/population/characteristics/search-in-theme/44-share-resident-population-riga-and-jurmala (maps of Riga and Jurmala cities); http://data1.csb.gov.lv/pxweb/en/iedz/iedz__tautassk__taut__tsk2011/TSG11-07.px/ (Resident population in statistical regions, cities and counties by sex, language mostly spoken at home and age group). Central Statistical Bureau. 2017 survey results on languages https://www.csb.gov.lv/en/statistics/statistics-by-theme/population/search-in-theme/2747-latvian-mother-tongue-608-population-latvia Education statistics Ministry of Education and Science. 2019/2020 statistics on … Continue reading "Links on language-related documents and statistics"

Links on nationality-related documents and statistics

Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs statistics Naturalization statistics: https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en/naturalization (EN) https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/lv/naturalizacija (LV) Other population statistics, which includes distribution of population by nationality (pēc valstiskās piederības), by ethnicity (pēc nacionālā sastāva) & nationality, by year of birth (pēc dzimšanas gada) and nationality, by municipality (pašvaldībās) & ethnicity, by municipality & nationality https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/lv/iedzivotaju-registra-statistika-2020-gada (LV only) “Kopā“=”Total”; “Latvietis“=”[Ethnic] Latvian”, … Continue reading "Links on nationality-related documents and statistics"