Commissioner’s statement on language policies (excerpts), 2019

Promoting social cohesion through balanced policies on languages [..] The Advisory Committee on the FCNM has consistently emphasised, in respect of a range of countries, including Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Russian Federation, that policies on the use of languages should aim to reconcile the needs of different groups … Continue reading "Commissioner’s statement on language policies (excerpts), 2019"

Commissioner’s statement on citizenship legislation for children, 2019

“I welcome the Latvian Parliament taking a decisive step toward eliminating child statelessness with the adoption of a law to grant automatic citizenship to children of “non-citizens” as of 1st January 2020, unless the parents opt for another nationality. This measure represents significant progress toward implementing the right of each child to a nationality at … Continue reading "Commissioner’s statement on citizenship legislation for children, 2019"

ECRI 5th report on Latvia (excerpts on employment), 2018

FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS I Common topics (..) 4. Integration (..) Roma (..) Employment 70. The very low levels of education described above, as well as frequently reported cases of anti-Roma prejudice and discrimination from potential employers result in high rates of unemployment among Roma, which in turn impacts negatively on their standard of living. The … Continue reading "ECRI 5th report on Latvia (excerpts on employment), 2018"