Disinformation campaigns about LGBTI+ people in the EU and foreign influence (excerpt), 2021

3. Cases of disinformation, misinformation and hate speech [..] 3.1 ‘Colonialism’ by the West [..] According to a RAND report (Helmut et al. 2018), Russian actors are actively engaged in disseminating disinformation to Russian speakers in the Baltics, through a variety of means including traditional and social media. According to the report, in some cases … Continue reading "Disinformation campaigns about LGBTI+ people in the EU and foreign influence (excerpt), 2021"

From information laundering to influence activities (excerpt), 2020

[..] Attacks on democracy at large The chapter about the Kremlin’s information influence activities uses Latvia’s case, where the country’s education system is transferring to the Latvian language in Russian language public schools where studying is currently split 60-40 between Latvian and Russian languages respectively. Obviously, the reform is not welcomed by some and thus … Continue reading "From information laundering to influence activities (excerpt), 2020"

“Being occupied as a privilege” (excerpt), 2020

[..] The dominating language in the USSR was Russian, and it was heavily promoted in schools and public life at the expense of local languages. [..] Document data: 24.06.2020. Link: https://euvsdisinfo.eu/being-occupied-as-a-privilege_baltic_states/ Publisher’s notes: as the data from Latvia itself show, Latvian was dominating in Latvia’s schools at the end of Soviet rule. Languages of smallers minorities … Continue reading "“Being occupied as a privilege” (excerpt), 2020"

Fundamental Rights Report 2020 (excerpts), 2020

2. EQUALITY AND NON-DISCRIMINATION [..] 2.2. EFFECTIVENESS AND INDEPENDENCE OF EQUALITY BODIES STILL UNDER SCRUTINY [..] Against this background, country reports and conclusions on the implementation of previous recommendations released in 2019 by the Council of Europe’s Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) show that lack of independence and insufficient human and financial resources continue … Continue reading "Fundamental Rights Report 2020 (excerpts), 2020"