Links to English-language studies & policy documents

Vladimir BUZAYEV Legal and social situation of the Russian-speaking minority in Latvia. Riga: Averti-R, 2014 (also available, in a different version, in French and Russian) Roma in Latvia. Research report 2015 – Society Integration Foundation – Language situation in Latvia: 2010–2015 A sociolinguistic study. Scientific Editor: L. Lauze. Editor-in-Chief: G. Kļava. Rīga: LVA, … Continue reading "Links to English-language studies & policy documents"

National Alliance: a profile

As at January 2020, the National Alliance is a co-ruling party with two portfolios in the cabinet and the chair’s position in the Parliament, Ms Inara Mūrniece. It has two MEPs (ECR group) from 8 Latvian ones and 12 MPs from 100. The current head of state, Mr Egils Levits, was proposed as a candidate … Continue reading "National Alliance: a profile"

Constitutional Court judgment on private minority schools (excerpts), 2019

15.2. [..] The rights of the persons belonging to national minorities, which follow from Article 114 of the Constitution, are oriented to maintain a balance in the society, creating a friendly environment for preservation of minority languages, ethnic and cultural identity, and in the same time ensuring appropriate respect for the constitutional values and social … Continue reading "Constitutional Court judgment on private minority schools (excerpts), 2019"

Co-operation agreement of the parties forming the Kariņš Cabinet (excerpts), 2019

II Rules of co-operation (..) 2.7. The issues concerning (..) amendments to the Citizenship Law, except the case mentioned in paragraph 2.8.1. of the present agreement (..) and such amendments, which worsen the situation of the Latvian language, to laws regulating the use of the language (..) can only be decided based on the principle … Continue reading "Co-operation agreement of the parties forming the Kariņš Cabinet (excerpts), 2019"