CEACR Direct Request to Latvia under ILO Convention No. 111 (excerpt), 2008

Equality of opportunity and treatment irrespective of race, colour, national extraction or social origin. The Committee notes from the concluding observations of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, that a National Programme on the Roma was adopted for the years 2007–09 (E/C.12/LVA/CO/1, 7 January 2008, paragraph 31). The Committee requests the Government to provide … Continue reading "CEACR Direct Request to Latvia under ILO Convention No. 111 (excerpt), 2008"

CEACR Observation on Latvia under ILO Convention No. 111 (excerpt), 2008

Discrimination on the basis of national extraction. The Committee recalls its previous observation on the discriminatory effects that might follow from the application of the State Language Act of 1999 and its implementing regulations on the employment and occupation of minority groups, including the Russian-speaking minority. The Committee notes the Government’s statement that the requirement for … Continue reading "CEACR Observation on Latvia under ILO Convention No. 111 (excerpt), 2008"

CESCR Concluding Observations on Latvia (excerpt), 2007

B. Positive aspects (..) 6. The Committee notes with satisfaction the ratification by the State party, in October 2005, of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. (..) D. Principal subjects of concern (..) 10. While noting the existence of anti-discrimination provisions in the administrative and criminal legislation of the State party, … Continue reading "CESCR Concluding Observations on Latvia (excerpt), 2007"

CRC Concluding observations on Latvia (excerpts), 2006

D. Principal subjects of concern and recommendations 1. General measures of implementation (arts. 4, 42 and 44, para. 6 of the Convention) (..) Data collection (..) 17. The Committee recommends that the State party undertake measures to develop a systematic and comprehensive collection and disaggregation of data that is consistent with the Convention, and can be used for … Continue reading "CRC Concluding observations on Latvia (excerpts), 2006"