Report “Preserving national minorities in Europe” (excerpt), 2021

Appendix – Specific case-studies examined in the context of this report [..] Latvia 1. Certain elements of the situation of national minorities in Latvia bear similarities to those in Ukraine. A majority – 62.1% – of the population identifies as Latvian, 26.9% as Russian, 3.3% as Belarusian, 2.2% as Ukrainian and the same proportion as … Continue reading "Report “Preserving national minorities in Europe” (excerpt), 2021"

Links on language-related documents and statistics

Language and demographics Central Statistical Bureau. 2011 census results on languages (press release); (tables); (maps of Riga and Jurmala cities); (Resident population in statistical regions, cities and counties by sex, language mostly spoken at home and age group). Central Statistical Bureau. 2017 survey results on languages Education statistics Ministry of Education and Science. 2019/2020 statistics on … Continue reading "Links on language-related documents and statistics"

From information laundering to influence activities (excerpt), 2020

[..] Attacks on democracy at large The chapter about the Kremlin’s information influence activities uses Latvia’s case, where the country’s education system is transferring to the Latvian language in Russian language public schools where studying is currently split 60-40 between Latvian and Russian languages respectively. Obviously, the reform is not welcomed by some and thus … Continue reading "From information laundering to influence activities (excerpt), 2020"

HCNM letter to the Parliament’s Speaker on campaigning & tertiary education, 2020

Excellency, As part of the ongoing dialogue between the Government and Saeima of Latvia and the office of the High Commissioner on National Minorities, please allow me to address two issues that, in my opinion, are of importance. I took note of the initiative in the Saeima to consider amending the Election Campaigning Law which … Continue reading "HCNM letter to the Parliament’s Speaker on campaigning & tertiary education, 2020"