“Being occupied as a privilege” (excerpt), 2020

[..] The dominating language in the USSR was Russian, and it was heavily promoted in schools and public life at the expense of local languages. [..] Document data: 24.06.2020. Link: https://euvsdisinfo.eu/being-occupied-as-a-privilege_baltic_states/ Publisher’s notes: as the data from Latvia itself show, Latvian was dominating in Latvia’s schools at the end of Soviet rule. Languages of smallers minorities … Continue reading "“Being occupied as a privilege” (excerpt), 2020"

Opinion on minority education reforms (excerpts on background), 2020

II. Preliminary remarks [..] B. Background information 1. Linguistic situation in Latvia 10. According to the 2011 population census of Latvia, the ethnic Latvian population makes up 62.1% of the total population, which is approximately 2 million. The largest ethnic groups are Russians (26.9%), Belarusians (3.3%), Ukrainians (2.2%), Poles (2.2%) and Lithuanians (1.2%).1 1 “On … Continue reading "Opinion on minority education reforms (excerpts on background), 2020"

State Security Service annual report for 2019 (excerpt), 2020

3. Protection of the constitutional order [..] Russian non-military influence activities in Latvia [..] Last year, so-called [* – See below publisher’s additional note] compatriots continued protesting against legislative amendments introducing a gradual transition to instruction in the state language in all secondary education schools. Protests were held by the unregistered KSAŠ (HQ for the … Continue reading "State Security Service annual report for 2019 (excerpt), 2020"

2019 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (excerpts), 2020

Section 1. Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom from: [..] D. ARBITRARY ARREST OR DETENTION [..] ARREST PROCEDURES AND TREATMENT OF DETAINEES [..] Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) reported that the information sheets often used dense, legalistic language and were available only in Latvian even for detainees who spoke Russian as a first language. … Continue reading "2019 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (excerpts), 2020"

Human Rights situation in certain countries (excerpts), 2020

Latvia The human rights situation in the Republic of Latvia remains unfavorable. The ruling coalition formed after the October 2018 parliamentary elections proceeds with its line towards building a mono-ethnic state model. The Russian-speaking population of the country is still seen as a foreign destabilizing element. As a result, the nationalist policy of official authorities … Continue reading "Human Rights situation in certain countries (excerpts), 2020"