Links to English-language studies & policy documents

Vladimir BUZAYEV Legal and social situation of the Russian-speaking minority in Latvia. Riga: Averti-R, 2014 (also available, in a different version, in French and Russian) Roma in Latvia. Research report 2015 – Society Integration Foundation – Language situation in Latvia: 2010–2015 A sociolinguistic study. Scientific Editor: L. Lauze. Editor-in-Chief: G. Kļava. Rīga: LVA, … Continue reading "Links to English-language studies & policy documents"

Commissioner’s statement on language policies (excerpts), 2019

Promoting social cohesion through balanced policies on languages [..] The Advisory Committee on the FCNM has consistently emphasised, in respect of a range of countries, including Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Russian Federation, that policies on the use of languages should aim to reconcile the needs of different groups … Continue reading "Commissioner’s statement on language policies (excerpts), 2019"

ECRI 5th report on Latvia (excerpts on integration), 2018

FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS I Common topics (..) 4. Integration General overview 50. Latvia has a long tradition of being a multi-ethnic country. According to the January 2017 data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), the ethnic distribution of the Latvian population of 1 950116 persons included 62% Latvians, 25.4% Russians, 3.3% Belarusians, 2.2% Ukrainians, 2.1% … Continue reading "ECRI 5th report on Latvia (excerpts on integration), 2018"

Party election results and programmes (excerpts on minorities), 2018

“Harmony” – 19.8 %, 23 seats (3,2 %, 1 seat down from 2014) “We shall introduce trilingual education”=”Ieviesīsim trilingvālu izglītību” New Conservative Party – 13.6 %, 16 seats (12.9 %, 16 seats up from 2014) “The language of instruction in state-owned and municipality-owned educational insitutions [shall be] the official language”=”Valsts un pašvaldību finansētajās mācību … Continue reading "Party election results and programmes (excerpts on minorities), 2018"