National Alliance: a profile

As at October 2020, the National Alliance is a co-ruling party with two portfolios in the cabinet and the chair’s position in the Parliament, Ms Inara Mūrniece. It has two MEPs (ECR group) from 8 Latvian ones and 12 MPs from 100. The current head of state, Mr Egils Levits, was proposed as a candidate … Continue reading "National Alliance: a profile"

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Background and U.S.-Baltic Relations (excerpts), 2020

[..] Potential Hybrid Threats In recent years, tensions between Russia and the Baltic states have been exacerbated by [..] and a Russian propaganda offensive directed at Russian speakers in the Baltic states. [..] Disinformation Campaigns and Ethnic Russians in Baltic States The presence of a large ethnic Russian population in the Baltic states is a … Continue reading "Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Background and U.S.-Baltic Relations (excerpts), 2020"

2018 Report on International Religious Freedom

Executive Summary The constitution provides every person the right to “freedom of thought, conscience, and religion,” and specifies the separation of church and state.  By law, eight “traditional” religious groups receive rights and privileges other groups do not.  Three new religious groups registered during the year.  Pursuant to a Supreme Court ruling in April, religious groups registered in … Continue reading "2018 Report on International Religious Freedom"

“Russian people in the Baltic states are forced to speak the local languages”

SUMMARY It is not normal when in the Baltic States a large number of Russian people are called a minority and are forced to speak exclusively the local languages. DISPROOF A recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about discrimination of Russian language speakers in the Baltic States and Russophobia there. See most recent stories on the alleged suppression of Russian language … Continue reading "“Russian people in the Baltic states are forced to speak the local languages”"