Links on language-related documents and statistics

Language and demographics Central Statistical Bureau. 2011 census results on languages (press release); (tables); (maps of Riga and Jurmala cities); (Resident population in statistical regions, cities and counties by sex, language mostly spoken at home and age group). Central Statistical Bureau. 2017 survey results on languages Education statistics Ministry of Education and Science. 2019/2020 statistics on … Continue reading "Links on language-related documents and statistics"

CEDAW concluding comments on Latvia (excerpts on citizenship and participation), 2020

B. Positive aspects 4. The Committee welcomes the progress achieved since the consideration in 2004 of the State party’s combined initial, second and third periodic reports in undertaking legislative reforms, in particular the adoption of the following: (a) Law on the Discontinuation of Non-citizen’s Status for Children, in 2019; [..] [..] E. Principal areas of … Continue reading "CEDAW concluding comments on Latvia (excerpts on citizenship and participation), 2020"

Commissioner’s statement on language policies (excerpts), 2019

Promoting social cohesion through balanced policies on languages [..] The Advisory Committee on the FCNM has consistently emphasised, in respect of a range of countries, including Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and the Russian Federation, that policies on the use of languages should aim to reconcile the needs of different groups … Continue reading "Commissioner’s statement on language policies (excerpts), 2019"

2018 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, 2019

Section 1. Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom from: [..] E. DENIAL OF FAIR PUBLIC TRIAL [..] PROPERTY RESTITUTION No Jewish communal property or restitution law is in effect, and Jewish communal property restitution dating from the Holocaust era remained incomplete. While the Jewish community estimated that approximately 270 properties still required … Continue reading "2018 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, 2019"