Links on language-related documents and statistics

Language and demographics Central Statistical Bureau. 2011 census results on languages (press release); (tables); (maps of Riga and Jurmala cities); (Resident population in statistical regions, cities and counties by sex, language mostly spoken at home and age group). Central Statistical Bureau. 2017 survey results on languages Education statistics Ministry of Education and Science. 2019/2020 statistics on … Continue reading "Links on language-related documents and statistics"

Pre-independence maps of Latvia’s cities, with Russian streetnames

Publisher’s note: two other selections of historical Riga maps, some of those with Russian texts as well: & One Riga map in Russian in high resolution, from circa 1880—karta.jpg

Human Rights situation in certain countries (excerpts), 2020

Latvia The human rights situation in the Republic of Latvia remains unfavorable. The ruling coalition formed after the October 2018 parliamentary elections proceeds with its line towards building a mono-ethnic state model. The Russian-speaking population of the country is still seen as a foreign destabilizing element. As a result, the nationalist policy of official authorities … Continue reading "Human Rights situation in certain countries (excerpts), 2020"

FCNM Advisory Committee 3rd opinion on Latvia (excerpts on placenames), 2018

II. ARTICLE-BY-ARTICLE FINDINGS (..) Article 11 of the Framework Convention (..) Use of minority languages in local topographical indications and private signs Recommendations from the two previous cycles of monitoring 128. The Advisory Committee called on the authorities to bring their legislative framework into line with Article 11 of the Framework Convention and to facilitate … Continue reading "FCNM Advisory Committee 3rd opinion on Latvia (excerpts on placenames), 2018"

Recommendations by Hungary to Latvia: UPR 2nd round, 2016

Accepted by Latvia – 118.51 Pay further efforts to elaborate on the education of minority languages and cultures (Hungary); Rejected by Latvia – 121.3 Provide the opportunity to use personal names, place names, street names and other geographical indications in minority languages, as well as enabling the contact with the authorities in minority language on the territories where … Continue reading "Recommendations by Hungary to Latvia: UPR 2nd round, 2016"